There’s been lots of talk of this number on my blog lately, but this time I’m referring to the movie 21, not the tv show.  I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to see this movie because the previews reminded me of Ocean’s 11, and I was not a big fan of that movie.  I also thought I might have trouble following the movie 21 because I don’t know how to play many of the popular card games prominent in Las Vegas; like poker, and most importantly Blackjack.  But I didn’t have trouble following the movie, and I actually enjoyed it from start to finish.  It was a good mix of action, thoughtful dialogue, good acting, and plot twists; all of which add up to a well-balanced and entertaining film.

The movie revolves around a college professor, played by the enjoyable and versatile Kevin Spacey, who trains a “club” of gifted math students to excel at the game of Blackjack.  They develop a system and take trips to Las Vegas to win lots of money.  Enter student Ben Campbell, the club’s newest recruit, who only wants enough money to pay for his dream of attending Harvard medical school.  He gets caught up in the lifestyle, however, and it’s interesting to see what happens next…  I won’t spoil it – it’s a good movie, go see it!

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  1. My brother took his 12 year old son who is totally captivated by numbers to see this. Not sure if he liked it or not. Mr. Spacey is always good (from what I have seen him in… and no it it’s not limited to Superman Returns 🙂

  2. didn’t even realize he was in Superman Returns… until the Daddy Warbucks incident, that is! 🙂

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