Calling Dr. Bombay Emergency Please Come Right Away


I don’t like to complain about ANYONE, but sometimes the need presents itself.  At my fpoe (former place of employment) one of my fellow associates seemed to get more than his fair share of personal phone calls during the day.  One day while at the service desk, I counted at least 10 unnecessary pages to call him to the phone.  Ironically, one of which was his wife calling him to compare the price of an item to another stores price of a similar product.  Needless to say, this genius did not last as long as I.  No, I did not get him in trouble.

I understand the need for a periodic phone call while on the job for important things, but as many as 10 IN ONE EIGHT HOUR SHIFT?!  But it seems to be happening again.  Its as if I can answer the phone and know precisely who it is for even when that person is not working that day.  Of course, I have been known to make a phone call while at the store.  One incident included calling a friend while being alone and not having had a customer for 30 minutes right before closing.

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  1. Oh yes, I, being the friend, remember that! I was kind of wondering what was up – rarely do you call just to chat; we usually chat thru IM. Sorry I cut you off that night – I was losing a game!

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