Miss Shaffer, Fifteen.


I have already posted on my junior high science teacher’s most famous reprimand for students who step out of line.  Today, I discovered that he may just be getting rather lax in his distributing of “15” in his old age.  I found it ironic that Shelby should bring it up because I thought that he had retired a few years ago… my mistake.

It seems that my oldest niece stayed up WAY too late last night.  She was sleeping in class.  Her friend sitting next to her attempted to revive her to no avail.  Moments later, Mr. Stoll went to her table and (apparently) quite gently nudged her and revived her.  HA!!!! I got fifteen for two separate incidents (and ALMOST a third) in my day for less than that!!!

A few years ago, I had a cousin who passed through the hallowed door of the science teacher.  I would periodically hear her relate tales that would have led to her writing spelling words as well.  I don’t think she ever got the pleasure.  To this day, I think Charnel was his pet.  It sounds like he has another.

5 thoughts on “Miss Shaffer, Fifteen.”

  1. Memory does not serve… 15=?

    I would constantly sleep in class. Most teachers didn’t care or notice, but one teacher would make me stand up in the back of the room. I couldn’t sleep while standing, but I couldn’t take notes either!

  2. Mr. Stoll would have the spelling book for grades 6-8. As punishment the first time, he would make the student write one of the week’s words 15 times. Apparently, this still occurs because we asked why she did not get 15 and she knew exactly what we were talking about 😀

  3. WOW… amazingly enough, I cannot seem to find it. But, I did have the distinct pleasure of having to do them a few times for trouble-making.

  4. Only one word, 15 times? Seems rather tame. Now 15 sentences, 15 words+definitions from the dictionary, 15 whacks with a paddle (okay, scratch that last one…) would be more of a punishment. Or 15 minutes of cleaning toilets for the custodian… 😮

    1. Sorry, d. The spelling word list which was 20 words 15 times. Apparently, I was mistaken when I said I had posted about it before. I will remedy that situation soon.

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