bored and lonely


I am sitting here on the couch, all alone and bored. Tony is at work and Amie is out celebrating her one month anniversary with her boyfriend. I have done two loads of laundry, plus folded the loads that Amie had done a couple of days ago. I don’t mind doing laundry. It is actually one of the few chores that I don’t mind doing and don’t need to be in a cleaning mood to feel like doing. I wonder if that made any sense to anyone else besides me. Oh well, I am just in the mood to write.

I am no longer head cashier at Goodwill. I was getting so stressed from that, so instead, I am part time cashier and part time production in the back just so I can get the hours I need. This week and next week, I am going to be getting over time. We are short a two cashiers. I am the only one right now, the other two cashiers are actually the head cashiers. One of our cashiers is on medical leave and the other one was promoted to head cashier to take my place. Last night I stayed two extra hours just to help catch things up so they wouldn’t have so much to do with closing. Though I am not sure how my hours will be once they hire people to replace all the ones we need. We have hired two of the four positions we need. Next week I will be training the new cashier, which could be interesting.

Tony has applied for an internship for some computer thing in Hicksville. I really hope he can get that so he will finally have experience. I know for him to get a good job for his major, he will need experience and we would have to move to a bigger city. UGH! I really don’t want to, but I would, for Tony. I love the small towns. I guess I will always be a country girl at heart, but Tony will eventually find a job,  I am sure of that, and we will move.

On a happier note for me, my little baby kitten is turning one on Wednesday. Well, it isn’t exactly a happier note. My baby is growing up! I don’t want her to get older. She is supposed to stay my little baby forever! Betsy said she will always be my baby, and she will. She is my spoiled baby and she knows it. She is still so playful and cute! I know that eventually she might calm down, but it seems so unlikely with her. Padme is not one who likes to sit and cuddle unfortunately, though Darth and Beru make up for that. She sometimes sleeps next to me at night, but that is few and in between. She reminds me of me when I was younger. 😉

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  1. Sorry to hear that little one, you could have called. I think your sister has a movie for you to watch. I’ll even let her bring the Poirot if you are interested.

  2. I guess you have to go where the jobs take you. Hopefully, Tony does get that internship which will be a great way for him to get experience. Here’s hoping!

  3. I know what you mean – I like small towns better than big cities too. But there are plenty of people who feel the opposite, and it also depends WHICH big city. And, you never know – he could find something here or in another small town.
    Sorry to hear you were bored and lonely.
    I really don’t like doing laundry. It’s not the doing it so much – the machines do most of the work, and I do feel lucky to have machines not only in my house, but also on the first floor, used to have them in the basement, was that ever a pain! – but I HATE the folding and putting away! But over the years, I’ve hammered out a system, and once you get used to your personal system and get experience, the process gets faster and faster.
    Next time you are bored, write an ebook – your dad can give you some pointers 🙂

  4. Well, if Tony ever needed to transfer here, there are some nice country-type outlying ares, and he wouldn’t have to drive to far to get to work. Let me know if I can do anything, hon. Love you!

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