New for the Nook

Barnes and Noble is really making headway with their book reader. Today I just got a software update for my Nook. They made somethings easier like connecting to Wi-Fi sites and loading music. And they added a thing or two. The first was a section for Games. So far there are only two games, but I’m sure they will add more. I’m sure part of it will be a money maker for them too. I can see them charging for ‘Game’ apps. They said they did some changes to make the page turning quicker. All good right!

Then there is the big change. I can now access the internet on my Nook. I was able to read blog posts, check up on email and some other things you can do on the web. I don’t think it is made to play movies or things like that, but it does handle basic text and graphics very well. I don’t think I would ever use it for more than quick replies. The data entry is a bit rough for me. I did try to reply to a blog, but it said I was posting from a spam site, even when I was logged in as me. Hmmm.

Big problem though, the Web seems to eat battery life. I guess I will need to keep my charging cord available at all times if I want to scan the web often.

I just hope the abiltity to store my books in files, or give them tags will be available soon.

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  1. Did you see the recent news about a calculator on your arm? The projection is where?
    Sounds like the Nook is earning its keep.

  2. Yes, I read about the update and wondered if I should hijack one of your threads to let you know. Glad to see I don’t have to. I am rethinking the usefulness of a pad after trying to read this brick of a book from Robert Jordan. Of course, I would have to buy it (and the pad) in order to read it as it’s too early in the life of these things to be able to check out most books electronically from the library.

    No iPad though- I have decided to not support Apple currently. That’s a story for a blog post though if I get around to it.

  3. Derek, the Sony, Kindle and Nook readers all use the same technology for the screens. The E-Ink is great to read from. The Apple products use a back-lit LCD. Not as easy on the eyes over long periods. I’ve tried reading ebooks on computers and a borrowed i-pod and I didn’t care for it for long reading.

    Kindles are going to be sold in Target stores and Nooks will be available at Best Buy soon. This tech is taking off.

  4. Carol – I saw that new mouse technology… interesting. But new tech stuff is Hubby’s dept. He decides what’s worth it for us to get, and my job is to try to embrace it best I can.

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