Better Late Than Never?


Came across this news story after linking to the one about the hugely tall spire they’re going to build in the Middle East:

First Wedding Dress Shop for Pregnant Brides ONLY Opens

I agree with the people who posted comments at the end of the article – what is the world coming to when maternity wedding dresses are seen as a normal need to fulfill in the buyer’s market?  Should we be happy that these women are getting married rather than staying single?  What about the fact that they might be rushing into marriage just for the sake of getting to buy a pretty dress, or more likely, because it’s becoming extremely socially acceptable, which will surely raise the already obscenely high divorce rate?  And why are they bothering to make these maternity bridal gowns WHITE?

All I can say is, thank goodness this article isn’t about the good old USA – but then again, we probably have an American maternity bridal store chain or two or three already.

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