April Fool’s!


Another April Fool’s Day is upon us unfortunately.  I usually escape the day unscathed, but this year, that is not the case.  Seems some clever “hacker” decided to “get” us tangents.org bloggers with false threats of blog erasures…

I did not think it was funny.  Maybe I’m not a good sport, but the joke hit where it hurt – how many valuable documents; including pictures, diaries, even my oldest daughter’s electronic baby book, have I lost due to computer malfunctions?  I’m not saying my blogs are valuable, but I have spent lots of time on them.  They’ve also essentially replaced my family diary I was keeping since I now put most of my kids milestones in my blogs…

But I guess most people get a kick out of the day.  Drew Carey even got into the spirit today on The Price is Right.  They put in a joke showcase and were going to make some poor lady bid on a trip to Lebanon or someplace!  I was half-watching, wish I had seen the whole thing, it seemed hilarious.  But anyway, I hope others are better sports than I, and they find the blog prank funny.  And I’m sorry to the gleeful jokester who really wanted to have some fun at my expense before I spoiled it.  Maybe I’m just a spoiled sport because I can’t think of any good pranks myself.  But now that I know the playing field is wide open and I have a whole year to think about it, stay away from me this year and WATCH OUT for me next year 😉

4 thoughts on “April Fool’s!”

  1. The TPIR gag was hilarious. I tried to find it on youtube but only found the climax. Who was that mad hacker…. sounds like a Batman villain : The Mad Hacker…..EVIL.

  2. The hacker forgot some of the other small blogs here. When only a known few got “hacked”, it pointed to a known person as the hacker. We know who you are…. Thanks!

  3. Like I said on Morat’s blog, TPIR gag will be up on youtube in a matter of days… don’t think the hacker cared if they were discovered… Did you get anybody today, justj?

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