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Last week I really could have used a Thursday night pick-me-up from my favorite show, The Office, but alas, no new episode.  I was sure I couldn’t be disappointed two weeks in a row, but this week’s ep is also a re-run!  Then I started thinking about how it’s been in the news lately that NBC is changing around their scheduling, most of it having to do with the Olympics and Jay Leno.  Then I realized that if the Olympics are on NBC, the Office probably won’t be on for the entire duration of the Winter Games!  I did a quick search, and to my relief, I found that a new Office is scheduled to air on January 21 – not this week, but next week thankfully.  We might have to wait out the entire airing of the Winter Olympics, but at least they’re not going to make us wait until it’s over and we’ll have at least one new Office episode to enjoy in the meantime.  Any other Office fans out there?  Does anyone know how many more new episodes we get for the rest of the season, or at  least how many we can expect to enjoy before the beginning of the Olympics?  How long IS the Olympics, anyway?  And fyi, the Jan. 21 episode of the Office is called, “The Banker”, and the plot outline is this:  When a prospective buyer for Dunder Mifflin visits, everyone looks to impress and Michael gets nostalgic.

Sounds hilarious, as usual!  And don’t get me wrong, this show is so great that reruns are tons of fun too.  We were just watching the “Frame Toby” episode from season 5 last night, and we had to rewind 4 times to listen to Creed’s classic line about the quarry – I’m not going to repeat it here because it’s mostly the WAY he says it, but it has to be one of the funniest Office moments EVER!  Which got me to thinking about a hypothetical situation –  what if Creed were a character who came to our semi-regular game nights?  HAHA!

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  1. Probably will have the 16 day wait for the Olympics but 2 two part episode is coming in March according to reliable sources. No spoilage cause that’s all I know! WHHO HOOO.. just have to wait another week. Hopefully there is another new ep before the games begin! And I knew that Jay’s Prime Time stint would not last long… just by one episode.

  2. They have all kinds of webisodes and extra minutes for episodes (an extra nine minutes for the Santa episode, for one) online, but I always forget about them… there’s something about just seeing a few minutes of footage anyway, just kind of a teaser – can’t really compare with REAL episodes.

  3. I get the deleted scenes on facebook usually the day after a new ep airs. I check out the webisodes from time to time. RIght… nothing beats an all new show.

  4. One of these days , I am going to watch this show. You will probably have to give me a cheat sheet to know all the background.
    I liked the characters that were on the show fixing up a house .

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