Better Unheard?


Since I was unable to deliver it vocally, I will post it for posterity.

I would like to first thank everyone in the three shows I was in for making me feel so welcome this past year.  I want to thank all my directors; Virlyn, Beth, and Travis.  I want to thank everyone sitting at my table:

  • my parents for putting up with me which is not always easy
  • my brother for recommending me to Virlyn for St. Louis
  • Megan and Carol for their unfailing support
  • Lisa for telling me to go “where my talent is appreciated”
  • and my wingman, Chris, who is always there behind me in EVERYTHING and who, if you did not already know, has created a whole new website for the Village Players.  THANKS PAL!

I also want to thank everyone I have had the pleasure to work with on and off the stage over the past year.  Working with such a fantastic group of people has made the past year Wonderful.  I want to especially thank Greg, Dawn, Mary, and Travis who have all been there since last January.

OK… so maybe it is a good thing I was not expected to give a speech.  I would surely have been given the music cue to wrap it up long before I was ready.

1 thought on “Better Unheard?”

  1. I like your speech – I don’t know that it’s better left unheard; I would have liked to hear it at the banquet, but I also think some people might have found it a bit long 😉
    Either way, I’m glad I got to read it on the blog – thanks for sharing and for including me in the speech – Aw, shucks…

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