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Well, friends, our favorite show The Office is back on tv after the awful hiatus that was the Hollywood writer’s strike.  The first new episode in months actually aired last Thursday, but since it was our anniversary, I was busy and also had other things to write about.  Last week’s episode was funny as usual, but probably the least funny Office episode in my opinion.  But put it in perspective; I’m such a huge fan of the show that that is not really a put-down, more of a note, really.  Either the writers were a bit rusty last week, or maybe moving the action from the office and into Michael’s home subtracted some hilarity.  Either way, have no fear, after last night’s uproarious episode, our favorite show is back on track!

First things first – addressing the rumors.  I had heard that Michael and Jan’s relationship was going to get rocky, but I was surprised to hear that they had already broken up by last night’s episode.  No long, drawn-out sit-com drama, barely a word about it…  which is something I really like about this show.  It’s less of a soap opera than many sit-coms let themselves evolve into.  Even with its continuing plot story lines from week to week, The Office is still all about the comedy, of which it has plenty.  So, if the rumors of an Office spin-off are true, is it possible it will revolve around GodZillary herself – the ice-queen Jan Levinson Gould ?  I would rather see it involve someone who is not on the regular show since I can’t think of anyone I’d like to see leave Dunder Mifflin.  Jan will be missed, but if she is leaving the show anyway because she and Michael broke up, then they might as well make the spin-off about her.  And on to rumor #2 – something ‘big’ was going to happen between Pam and Jim; one of four things – they would get engaged, start sleeping together, break-up, or elope.  Well, the big thing (as predicted from the beginning of the episode by my hubby – way to go honey!) was none of the above, but let’s just say it is a positive step in their relationship, and for that we are glad.  No one wants to see these 2 break-up.  They are the cutest tv couple since Ross and Rachael of Friends fame, and the writers beat that relationship into the ground with all the back and forth nonsense, so thank goodness that isn’t happening to Pam and Jim.

Now on to the plot synopsis of last night’s episode.  After finding out that the catalog model who was supposed to be Michael’s soulmate met an untimely demise, Michael demands and makes it a work order that everyone in the office suggests a woman for him to date.  Pam sets him up with her landlord, and in pure Michael Scott fashion, he is obliviously (and hilariously) rude to her on their date.  Meanwhile, Kevin and Andy spear-head a meeting with the CEOs of the Scranton Office Park in order to get their parking spots back, which have been stolen by the construction crew.  I hope you caught one of the best lines of the show, delivered so quickly by Andy it might have been easy to miss:  when asked where Michael was at the office park meeting, Andy replies, “He had an unforseen prior commitment.”  Such is an example of the subtle yet sidesplitting humor that has come to be the backbone of the show.

Last night’s episdoe did not disappoint – the show is back, and I have my Office fix…  at least until May when we have to deal with the summer tv hiatus 🙁
Until next week…

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  1. YES…. very good episode. I liked the Wendy’s jab. I say the writers skip the hiatus… but presumably not.

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