Retractable Sharpie Update!

RECAP:  My favorite kitchen tool (can you tell I’m not a gourmet cook?), my retractable permanent marker aka Sharpie, went missing.

UPDATE:  Just when I had given up and assumed that my toddler had thrown it in the garbage, it turned up in the unlikliest of places (of course).  It was in the laundry room, in the cabinet next to the parrot’s cage where we keep all his toys and stuff – go figure.  Wonder how it got there?  Sadly, it was left un-retracted, so it is of no use to me anymore.  But at least we have closure and it had a proper burial.  No more wondering which kid was going to turn up with permanent markings all over them.  And, a thoughtful reader of my blog was kind enough to surprise me with a 2-pack of replacement COLOR retractable Sharpies – thanks Mom 😉

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