They’re Having A Baby


Ok, ok… so the gang of Dun (OK< OK< Sabre) Scranton Branch are a fictitious bunch, but there is an actual Scranton, PA so who are we to say that the company does not exist.  We even drove within proximity to the town last spring.  Anyway, two of the characters on the show are expecting and to satisfy my no Office blahs, I came across Jim and Pam’s Baby Blog.  Here, you can read about hilarious sympathy pains, weird food cravings, and possible baby names (guess who has voiced his opinion multiple times… even suggesting both male and female variants).  There are also multiple links to other historic events, including the wedding of the lovebirds.

10 thoughts on “They’re Having A Baby”

  1. @justj – I assume you’re talking about the show and not the blog, just based on your previous sentiments. To be honest, the blog didn’t really do it for me either – reading about the symptoms of a fictional pregnancy just seemed kind of pointless. But I did get a good laugh out of the baby name responses, hehe. But anyway, back to my point – I think justj needs to give it a fair shake. If you start from the beginning and watch a couple of episodes and say you don’t like it, that’s one thing, but I don’t feel that watching a portion of one episode in the middle of a season also while in a social group setting gave you good representation of the show. At the very least, you might find something more in common with your friends and fellow bloggers. And if you still don’t like it, then you don’t, but at least you’ve tried it.

  2. @taylhis — I really have tried it. Over the years, I found that I really can’t stomach too many of the situation comedies on TV anymore. I really can’t remember the last one I did like. I don’t even know of a comedy that been on TV since 2000 that I have really enjoyed. When everyone started to think that the Simpsons was the best show ever, and I said ‘HUH!?”, I guess comedy on TV went away for me.

  3. @justj – ok, if you don’t like the Simpson’s, then you’re right, chances are you wouldn’t like any newer comedies, and I respect that different people have different tastes. I just felt sorry for Jamiahsh when you yawned on his blog… And for the record, The Office is not a traditional situation comedy.

  4. @taylhis. LOL… no need to feel sorry for me! I got a chuckle from it and would have been surprised if justj had not posted such a comment. Different tastes = wider range of comments.

    @justj… What WAS the last comedy you enjoyed? Honestly, the office is the best one that has come along since everybody loves Raymond.

  5. jamiahsh, I do know that it wasn’t Everybody Loves Raymond. Go back to M*A*S*H, Barney Miller, All in the Family. There were a few others, but it has been quite a while since I really liked a TV comedy. Heck, I wasn’t really a fan of Seinfeld.

  6. justj… I was never a HUGE fan of Seinfeld, either. Was never on my Must See Thursday list. Your picks were great, too!

  7. I really don’t have any must see TV anymore. I used to like all of the CSI based shows, but they got old for me. Now, if I turn on the TV and see something I think I will be interested in I watch, otherwise I do something else.

  8. @taylhis- Simpsons? What’s that? I stopped watching them this year… In any event, the blog didn’t do much for me but the names as someone else said were a bit funny.

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