Brown Hogs


Everybody knows that kids say the darndest things – there was even a tv show or two about the subject.  If you go back and watch the Art Linkletter version, you can see him coaching the kids and moving his lips for the kids to see what they were supposed to say.  I don’t know why they had to do that; kids come up with enough cute stuff on their own.  The reason I decided to write this post is because it came to my attention that my 3-year-old daughter Disney calls groundhogs “brown hogs”.  Just a cute little tidbit I wanted to share, and hey, she’s got a point – the critters are brown!  Makes sense to me!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Brown Hogs”

  1. Adorable! Just look at all the cute things you will have to share with the kids as they grow! Better than a scrapbook (although, I’m sure you have one for each of them, too)

  2. @jamiahsh – HAHAHAHA! I wish! I wonder when you’d think I’d have time to put together ONE scrapbook / baby book, let alone 4…
    But I’m not too terrible – I do save all their important stuff, they each have a box or two, and I figure they can do the dirty work when they get older and put everything into scrapbooks or baby books if they want. It seems so wrong to make kids do their own baby books, but I would drive myself crazy if I took the time to do it… like I said, I do keep everything and I also have school memory books for the kids who are in school – so I’m not THAT bad of a parent 😉 I tell myself it’s better to take the time to MAKE memories for my kids rather than taking the time to RECORD the memories, and that makes me feel a little better…
    And I have the blog to show them, of course!

  3. @ Taylhis… So NOT a terrible mother! And you and your hubby are the BEST and creating memorable, life-long memories for all four of them 😀

  4. I know the kids I have worked with have said interesting things too, but I couldn’t quote a single line for some reason.

    I watched the Bill Cosby “Kids Say…” once upon a time.

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