Quotable Quotations (good Scrabble Words)


Ok… so this past week has not be fraught with hilarity… some fun, but a lot of downness (I KNOW a word that is not ), So, to cheer things up, I found a list of 24 quotable quotes from television… not from movies now. I’ll start off and let’s see how many we can come up with:

Ok… that’s five. come on all you shy people keep the ball rolling. Remember only television quotes for this one.  Sounds almost as fun as a rousing game of Shoes and Socks or “I’m Going on a Trip.”

5 thoughts on “Quotable Quotations (good Scrabble Words)”

  1. Speaking of “I’m Going on a Trip”… after set tear-down we actually played that – if you had to miss anything, THAT was the thing to miss.
    You never said anything about well-known quotes, so here are a few of my favorites from specific episodes of shows:
    “One bouillon cube…” – Mr. Burns on the Simpsons narrating the contents of his sack lunch
    “Another Friday night is upon us – what will you be doing Smithers, something gay, no doubt?” – Mr. Burns again
    “As Abraham Lincoln once said, if you are a racist I will attack you with the North.” – Michael Scott on The Office
    “That’s how they do pants!” – Joey from Friends… and Ross’ reply – “Yes, yes it is – IN PRISON!”

  2. “A three hour tour” — That kind of trip?
    “Heeey!!” (The Fonz)
    “Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a…” another Surprise…
    “I know Nothing..” Sgt Shultz Hogan’s Heroes
    “Good Night John Boy” Waltons


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