Baby You Can Drive My Car


Finally, after 7 seasons on the air, American Idol contestants can sing songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook. Of course, what better way to celebrate the feat of convincing Michael Jackson to allow it (since he owns the rights to the Beatles works) then to have an all Fab Five show. Let me also point out that (IMHO) after seven seasons, the show has lost some of its luster. It is no longer the “must see show” of the week. It is becoming tedious watching Randy say: “It was just awiight fo’ me Dawg.” Or Paula exclaim: “You look beautiful” when what she really means is “That was really bad.” Or even Simon bashing the hopefuls. It has all become a bit formulaic.

Two of the performances stood out to me (one good; the other…. wellll). The first was a performance of “Let It Be” (the final single released by the Beatles in 1970). Brooke White chose to perform the song while accompanying herself on the piano. It was a truly heart-felt performance.

However, Kristy Lee Cook decided to change the classic “Eight Days a Week” and give it a country flavor. Not only did the judges totally dismiss the brave choice, she will probably be in the bottom three tomorrow night. I am not what one would call a country music aficionado, but it was just a strange rendition.

So while it is becoming a bit tedious, I still do try to catch American Idol when I can. I can actually say I know where Carrie Underwood came from… and she is a country singer.

5 thoughts on “Baby You Can Drive My Car”

  1. I called Carrie Underwood crossing into country from the beginning – before she even won Idol, it was that obvious. She has a great voice for it… but I still can’t call her a country singer solely – she started on American Idol, and still wins pop awards, so she is not pure country in my book!

  2. Apple Records sure kept a death grip on their music up until recently. I’m glad to hear they are allowing the music to be sung, even if I never will watch Idol.

  3. That is a weird song to turn into country – how much of it was her choice though? Not sure how that all works. The band is making it sound country. Caught the rendition tonight and I liked it, of course I’m a huge country fan. She might be another crossover.

  4. Apparently in past weeks, Simon had “suggested” that she go the country route. As I noted, the strange rendition was enough to warrant a bottom three, but check my latest blog on the reaction.

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