Half days


These are the bane of my substitute existence, next to holidays.  No, I don’t mean the days students get off early but rather days where the teacher take off only half a day.  It seems I may have three of these this week unless I can find a full day to take their place (I can cancel jobs in two districts via the web) or find a half day job for the other half of the day.  The latter almost never happens.  As for the first, it can happen but on this side of spring break with the testing going on it is very uncertain.  Yet I keep trying.

One of the half days was today, for the afternoon.  At least I got to sleep in, but I depend on this income so I really need to work as much as I can.  It was for industrial tech, what used to be called “industrial arts” when I was a kid, and “shop” even earlier than that.  Naturally with a sub the kids can’t do shop, but many times they are allowed to use computers.  See, that is the “tech” part, technology.  They could be running some sort of modeling or simulation program, or programming a robotic arm.  Today one class was working on ifilm projects.  All stuff that didn’t exist back in the eighties.  We had metals, plastics, and wood.  That’s it.  Now these teachers need to be trained on so much more to do this job.  As for the other class (only two today! :)) they clearly were working on a project, probably woodwork, so they got to do some paperwork today.  Oh well.

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  1. And now I got sniped twice today for full time jobs tomorrow for one district. Sigh. The first time was my own fault- I had to go look to see if it was a grade I wanted to do first, and since I have NEVER been sniped in this district before I wasn’t worried. But this second time I saw the job, read it briefly, pressed “accept” and… JOB ALREADY TAKEN!!!

  2. That’s really interesting about shop class, er, industrial arts, I mean, industrial tech class 😉
    Glad they are updating school for today’s kids. Can’t wait to see what’s different by the time Taylor gets to high school – nevermind, yes I can. I never got to take shop because I was in band and took spanish instead…

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