Rides Jamiahsh Broke


This is the long-awaited post (by some anyway) that details the uncanny coincidences of ride break-downs we encountered while in Orlando, Florida.  Here is a list of the following rides that stalled or broke down while fellow blogger jamiahsh was along.  Not to blame him, but…   😉

Epcot:  Spaceship Earth, the boat ride in Mexico, the boat ride in Norway – not only did the boat stall during the ride, but also, after we exited the boat, the doors at the end of the ride failed to open, trapping us and the 4-5 boat-fulls after us!

Universal Studios – The Mummy – got stuck where the ride gets “hot”, the Simpsons ride, Cat in the Hat ride

Magic Kingdom – Carousel of Progress glitched, Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean (multiple times), Snow White

 We’ve been to Disney World lots of times, and although we’ve been involved in rides stalling and getting backed up, it’s never happened with the frequency of this year when jamiahsh was with us.  Therefore, the phenomonon of him “breaking the rides” is a running joke of sorts, and that’s why I had to make a post of it.  Break-downs aside, a fun trip was had by all, and the uncanny ride luck jamiahsh had is now merely blog fodder – and that’s always fun.

4 thoughts on “Rides Jamiahsh Broke”

  1. No fair… You DID NOT ride Peter Pan 🙂
    Yes, getting stuck in the “hot” room was a bit uncomfortable. The Norway experience was hilarious. You will have to elaborate on Jungle Cruise… Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho… A Pirate’s Life For Me!

  2. So… Any songs torturing your minds now? I remember the It’s a Small World ride in CA. I didn’t experience a breakdown there, but some of my group did one year…

  3. As posted on this Youtube link? 😀

    It looks like someone on the ride recorded the whole Carousel of Progress and posted it for our enjoyment. There was also a frightening video of some people’s legs moving up and down to their singing of the song as they lay in bed, but let’s keep that one in the nether regions of that site…

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