Thanksgiving KO


Round two started around 5.30 when my mother’s brother and sister and their children and children’s children arrived.  By the end, we probably had 25-30 people in the house.  We keep talking about renting out the local hall or church basement (prolly impossible for the church I think our organist has a life time resevation for Thanksgiving).  My uncle’s wife has a gathering where they had 109 people earlier this afternoon.  So, while we were watching Chad enjoy his traditional Dallas Cowboy game (in which the Dallas Drug Cartel disposed of the Seattle Seahawks 34-9 unlike the Lions who are perennial favorites of other members of the family).

My cousin, his wife, and myself discussed the many flavors of Jones Pure Sugar Cane soda.  Carla has had the regular varieties but has never had the opportunity to tast the many holiday flavored delights.  Who wants to drink Christmas Tree flavored beverages?  More food, lots of desserts (too MUCH dessert) and lots of laughs and planning for the newly arrived holiday season.  Who is going shopping during the Black Friday merriment?  I have to be at work at 6.45, so I decided to miss the game night that was planned.  I hope you all had a great day remembering all the blessings bestowed upon you and yours in the past year and that you endulged heartily.  Apparently, I did as many have commented after the digestion process began.

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