One more time around please.


When I see the huge structures of steel or wood, my heart fills with anticipation. The thrill of a Roller Coaster makes me feel years younger. But then my body starts to react in ways it never used to. A queasy feeling enters. I think to myself, that it is only in my head, but more often than not, my stomach shows me who is boss.

The funny thing is that this doesn’t usually start on the large coasters. The ones that send the stomach turning are the little ones. It all started with the carnival type rides. The ones that go in circles multiple times. They never fail to turn the motion sickness on.

Even with some medication, the queasy feeling was felt. Not as bad as some times, but the day would need some pacing. But without a line to wait in, pacing was only the distance between two rides. So, I had to sit out a couple of rides. Even with that, I had more rides on roller coasters than I’ve had in a long, long time.

4 times on the Beast
I think 4 on the Diamondback, but it may have been 3.
1 each on the Racer, Vortex and the Backlot Stunt Coaster. I think I also road the Adventure Express if that was the one with the lame ending. That is a lot of coaster riding in 8 hours (9 hours VIP with 1 hour for lunch). Not to mention 4 times on the White Water canyon ride, once each on Congo Falls and a shoot the rapids ride and bumper cars.

During a normal day at a theme park you can expect to hit 7 or 8 coasters in a 10 to 12 hour day. More if the lines are shorter. I road 11 or 12 times, my tangent’s friends road on a few more coasters than I did. As I said, I needed a break every now and again.

Tour of the Beast was just great and so was the show we caught. I can’t say much about the lunch, since I was in no mood to eat.

All of this was great and I would have said it ranks right near the top of my theme park excursions, but there was more. I spent some time with some wonderful people, and that made the two days in Cincinnati grand.

8 thoughts on “One more time around please.”

  1. Yes the Adventure Express was the “worst roller coaster EVER!” according to a little girl departing the ride. HEHE. Glad your queasiness subsided so you could enjoy the experience even more.

  2. I swore off the tiny “round and round” rides in about the 6th grade. I won’t tell you of my embarassment on the tilt-a-whirl on a blog response, but it wasn’t pretty. I learned my lesson well!!! Glad you all had a good time! Maybe next year you’ll all join us for a little ghost hunting?????? 😉

  3. I was thinking about you Mare, and your ghost hunting – it might be a go for next year, but since there is limited time w/o kids, I think I’d pry go for a day of coasters over almost anything. Hope you had LOTS of fun!
    And justj, two days in Cincy were great. It was so nice to travel with easy going people who are fun to be with!! Sorry you were ill, but glad you had a good time in spite of it.

  4. I’ll stick with steel, thank you. I remember my last ride on the American Eagle at Great America- nothing unsafe, but it was anything but smooth from the age of the coaster. Think of the- ridges? (can’t quite think of the right word) on the expressway when you start going off the side or just before a toll booth.

  5. @derek – I know what you mean. I went on the Eagle when I was 6 (just over the height req) and it scared me off coasters until Batman came around when I was 12. Have you tried the front car of the Eagle? Knowing what I know about The Beast, the front car is SO MUCH better – I have a bruise to show for the middle of The Beast train!!

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