They have an app for that


pThis is my first attempt at using the WordPress app to blog from my phone.  The entry is tedious for a touch typest. I haven’t used the hunt and peck method for anything more than a few words in a very long time. /p
pIf I had found this before my trip to Cincinnati, I could have blogged during my down time. Never again will I miss a blogging opportunity.  ;)/p
pNot really, but I needed to try the tech.  The nerd in me demands it.  I also loaded the nook app, so I will rarely be without a book to read.  Nerdy summer fun./p

9 thoughts on “They have an app for that”

  1. So what’s with all the p’s? “p” must be near the enter key 🙂
    Ooh – I could have blogged while stuck flat on my back on the Firehawk!! Or you could have blogged while in line for the rides… oh wait, no lines 🙂

  2. I think the p’s mean new paragraph, at least they do in Word documents. I’m sure there’s a way to get rid of them if I’m thinking right but, I couldn’t tell you how.

  3. The “p’s” don’t show up on my phone. I guess I won’t be using that much, unless I can get rid of them.

  4. I was just teasing about the p’s – I knew what you meant. And the p’s indicating a new paragraph – interesting and very plausible theory.
    And I’ve started texting! Sending texts to people from my laptop to their phone, that is 😉

  5. So whatever happened with the blogging by dictation you wrote about a year ago? This post reminded me of it.

    I’m not a texter either, so I save the $5 per month on it. I’m charged 25 cents per text sent or received instead.

  6. Blogging by dictation was a bit of fun for a short time. Since I had to do the writing of the blog in another editor, and then cut and paste to the blog, I just stopped doing it.

  7. Strange, I just opened this post up on my phone again, and all the “p’s” are there. I wonder where they came from…

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