On the way to the show.


It started off so well. I was leaving just a bit early so I could get some gas and other necessities. Oops, a mile from home I noticed that I forgot my boots. Important item for the play, so I had to turn around.

Back out for the second time, still early, but without as much leeway, I heard a funny noise from my truck when I turned a corner. Thinking I had something stuck, I got out and noticed that my tire was flat. ARRGH.

No problem, I have AAA…. I called my daughter to say I would not be able to pick her up and got out my AAA card to call for service. Dang it expired in November. Why don’t I remember the bill. I must have missed it.

Not to worry I can change a tire. Oops no flashlight, I couldn’t find the jack!!! I couldn’t see to change the tire. The countdown to the play was running fast. Call my daughter to pick me up!! Slowly move the truck to a safe location. And hope nobody tows the truck away before I could get the tire changed.

Show turned out well tonight. My oldest and youngest daughters were in attendance. As much as I love having friends in the audience, it is special when I get to entertain my family. Unfortunately, I was not able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. I still had a tire to change.

Found a light, a jack and the lug wrench. A few chilly minutes later the temporary spare was in place. I was ready to go home for a cup of warm tea.

Tomorrow is another day, and I will have to see if I can find someplace to get some tires before the 2:30 show. So now I know what Santa is getting me for Christmas. I don’t recall asking for that.

4 thoughts on “On the way to the show.”

  1. So sorry to hear that. I bet it is a great delight for you not only to entertain your family but to share quality stage time with your daughter. Great job in all of your roles!

  2. When I saw AAA in your keywords my thoughts went to AA instead for some reason. Just thought I’d mention it, considering one of your characters. 😀

    My parking brake no longer works for some reason- I don’t know when it happened. I think the lever lost a bolt or something as it’s very loose when pulling up and it doesn’t activate the brake. You’re not alone on the car mishaps, though mine hasn’t stopped me, at least yet.

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