How long does it take to open a road?


Since early this summer, the powers that be have been building an extension on the street where I work. The paving appeared to have been finished late last week. I thought that the road would be open early this week at this week. I’m looking forward to it, since it will cut off 2 miles from my daily trip to work. On top of that it will be one less light. I’m still waiting.

It could be that they are waiting to paint the lines on the road. This would be easier to do on a closed road. I can understand that. This week has not been the best for paint. Cool/cold and rainy most of the week. Maybe next week. I know it won’t be tomorrow, the road crews don’t seem to work on Fridays.

4 thoughts on “How long does it take to open a road?”

  1. The construction inconveniences around here lately are almost rivaling Chicagoland’s notorious disasters… well, minus the millions of people that travel the roads daily, that is.
    They tore up the road in front of my babysitter’s house, and just when I think it can’t get any worse, it does. They’ve even torn up the alley behind her house now, and there is literally no way to get to her house! We’ve had to park a block away and walk 4 kids to the house! I feel badly for the people who live in that neighborhood (one of T’s friend’s parents are trying to sell their house!) where they have to listen to the ruckus all day long.
    And we’ll all be happy when 15 reopens… hopefully early before our IL trip!

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