unless you have seen WCCT’s extremely fun-filled production of Little Shop… Little Shop of Horrors.  Megan and I checked it out tonight since I figured a Thursday night showing would need more help filling the seats than a Friday night.  I must say that it was very well done.  The set took you to Skid Row, U.S.A. full of bumbs and trash laden streets.  Someone mentioned that the first weekend shows were a bit loud in the musicians area, but I did not notice it.  The man with the fingers and the gal with the sticks must have toned down a bit?

The entire cast was great, but I will pick on a few remarkable standout performances.  I have to say that Travis is Seymour.  He had the bumbling, nerdy, inept orphan turned flower shop attendant down to an art.  So many great scenes that it would take an entire post to detail it all.  SUPERB PERFORMANCE, my friend!  I can’t wait to work with you again.  If it were in my power, you would be the Willie Award winner!

I must say that I was extremely taken aback by Shelley’s performance of Audrey.  She usually has this great, big, powerful voice that truly commands the stage.  This time, she backed off the power to give a touching, sincere persona to the meek, “semi-sadist” dating character.

Finally, the trio of Mary, Amber, and PEGGY! They very nearly stole the show and for good reason… they were incredible.  I’m running a bit long here, so I will comment on the young lady whom I have known since the 5th grade on her stage debut.  I couldn’t be prouder!  Where were you !& years ago in high school?!  For her first time on stage, Peggy had to deal with some truly powerhouse stage veterans but she held her own brilliantly.  I was asked to tell her if I could hear her.  Going against my trained experience, I tried to hone in on her voice during the trio numbers and yes, I could hear you.  More importantly, the mixing of the three voices was great!  The attitude was dead on.  During the scene changes, the three divas kept things lively by ad libbing which brought some chuckles from the audience.

So.. if you are in the area this weekend, take a few hours down on Skid Row.  You will be in for a treat!

9 thoughts on “DON’T READ THE POST….”

  1. Just so you know, sucking up to me on your blog will NOT get you a better part in the show I’m directing… well, okay, maybe it will… we’ll see. 😉

    Then again, is “bumbling, nerdy, and inept” really a compliment? Hmm….

    Seriously, though, thanks so much for the glowing review! I’m glad you guys came out tonight… I’d say this and last Friday’s performances currently rank as our two best, largely because of the energy from the crowd. Hopefully we’ll have more good crowds to draw from for the final three. Thanks again!

  2. OHHH NOOOO I read the post.. I didn’t see any plot spoilers, but then I kind of know the show, even though I liked the original better. why mess up a good story with music? 😉

  3. Yes, truly an enjoyable show. If it were more kid-friendly, we’d probably be seeing it again. Then again, we still have 2 little ones who won’t sit thru a show – been wanting to see Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs, but I think our days of taking kids to the movies or shows are over for about 5 years.
    And is there going to be a Willies this year? Seems like that committee dissolved itself, much like a few others… it was fun while it lasted, but I agree – a few Little Shoppers should get a Willies nod for their performances! Nice job!
    Have you all seen the ad in the paper – apparently there is going to be another production of Wonderful in the tri-state area (Michigan).

  4. and another production in our immediate area up Route 6… but, eh? Who’s counting.

    No WILLIES at all? There were lots of VERY worthy contenders this year. I still like the let’s party and celebrate the great SHOWS!

  5. I agree – I love the Willies, that’s why I joined the committee. But there hasn’t been a meeting in forever, and I assume that now is about the time they would need to start ordering the awards.

  6. Jamy-
    My husband and I went to Saturdays show and it WAS amazing wasn’t it? Travis really IS Seymour. The village players did the show before I was part of the group and that is all i ever hear from people is that I missed seeing Trav in his best part ever, so I am glad that wcct did this show. It rocked.

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