A day was remembered

and celebrated in my heart.

A 7th birthday came and went without you being here to celebrate it with us. We have spread apart a bit this little family of ours. 3 not much more than an hour away, one more than 18 hours away (at least by car). And I know you were missed.

On your birthday, I had to take your dog to the vet. He needed some care, and would be in observation for two days. I had taken him in for a checkup the week before, making sure all of his shots were up to date. He was scheduled for a couple of days in a puppy vacation. I had scheduled time with some friends and he would have been in good hands. But then I got the news he needed some medical care. I was at a in a bit of a quandary. Should I go on my trip while he was at the vets, or take that time to be around for him.

Unless the unfortunate happened, I would not be seeing the little guy for two days. Unlike hospitals, there are no visiting hours at the vets office. My being around would not help him at all, so I decided (with a bit of a heavy heart) to go on my trip. I’m glad I did.

On your birthday, I went to the Cincinnati Zoo with some friends. Unfortunately, you never knew them, and they never knew you. I think you would have liked them. It was a good day.

As I wandered around the zoo, I did wonder about the changes that were made. Some of the exhibits were exactly like I remembered them. Others seemed very new to me. Since this was not a zoo we visited often, I imagine most things were new. It has been a few years since my last trip there. We were still pushing a stroller or two around the last time. I’m sure the manatees were not there on our last visit. I seem to remember more elephants, but I could be thinking of another zoo. I think you would have remembered that. A couple of red pandas (one of your favorite animals) were doing what they do best, sleeping in trees. Just like almost every other time we saw them.

We did spend a full day at the zoo, but like all of our trips, we never seemed to have time for the entire zoo. Extra time spent at this animal, or another seemed to slow down the pace. But then again, what sort of pace should there be at a zoo. If we can’t take the time to learn, observe and wonder about animals we share this planet with, why would we care if the places they live are there in the future. That was the lesson we tried to teach our children, so that they could teach theirs.

Again, it was a day well spent, but I wish you could have been there. Miss you still.

6 thoughts on “A day was remembered”

  1. It feels strange to comment on something so personal, but I wanted to let you know that I’m happy you went on the trip, glad you wrote this beautifully written post, and honored that you shared it with all of us. I too often wish that we had gotten the privilege of meeting your wonderful wife.

  2. I share in the same sentiment. I’m glad you were able to come and really enjoy reading your remembrances once again.

  3. Like always, I put things up to receive some feedback. The real personal stuff remains in my head, or at least never on a public forum. 🙂

  4. I didn’t really celebrate it because I didn’t know how. 🙁 But she was in my thoughts all day. As was the puppy, who I’m glad to hear is doing ok with all that has happened.

  5. Sound like all of you had a fun time again without me. 😉 Too bad I live so far away. In any event, I wouldn’t have been able to make this one since I am in the middle of training someone.

    I also am glad to read that your dog is doing okay.

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