Wow, the weather outside is



I just can’t believe the day we had today. I’m sure the weekend is going to spoil everything, but today is a good day. Now, if I could have spent the day outside to enjoy it all, the day would have been stupendous.

It is a bit funny that even days that I can be outside, I don’t always go out. But I do like having the option of doing it. I guess that is the whole point, isn’t it. If you have the ability to choose, the day just seems nicer. I’m not outside right now, but I do have an option of going out. At work, I can only look out the window as I get my cup of coffee. Choices make the difference.

Enjoy the day as you can, and hope that tomorrow brings all you need.

2 thoughts on “Wow, the weather outside is”

  1. It WAS a glorious day… good walk weather if only to go get my car from the shop and find out I’m going to need 4 NEW Tires very soon. Won’t complain… first time in 8 years and he’s going to get me the best price for them… no WM el cheapos

  2. I heart Spring, and the weather that comes with it. Trees are finally starting to get buds, and I got to drive out in the country today – beautiful!! Now all we need is some awesome thunderstorms!

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