I Don’t Want To Play Inside All Day…


But some of us don’t have a choice where, or even if, we get to play all day.  And it’s tax day, and shame on you if you haven’t done yours yet!  I don’t know about you, but where we live, it’s oh-so-nice out – I’m talking 80° weather!  But you might be stuck inside doing your taxes…

So here is a song just to torture you.  I’ve seen this on Sesame Street twice now, and I just think it’s so cute; especially when Elmo sings along!  It aired again the other day, so blog time!  Sorry if you were stuck inside all day for work or other unpleasant tasks.  Take comfort in that there will be a whole spring and summer’s worth from where this came from – I ♥ Spring!

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Play Inside All Day…”

  1. SOOOOOOO FUN! Just had a bunch of little ones over here to see what the noise was, Kyli shouted “ELMO!”

  2. I just sent out over $2000 in taxes… Of course, I’ve been setting aside 25% of my income for this very purpose since last June when I started this job, so no surprise. Oh, $1000 of that is for my 1st quarter 2010 taxes.

    My first 80 degree day yesterday resulted in mild sunburn… 🙁

  3. No, I got to go out this evening. My taxes were done early this year. My darling daughter’s school kind of forced me to do them early. Dang financial aid forms.

  4. yep… financial aid forms would cause a parent to need to do that sooner rather than later. Maybe one day I’ll do the last minute thing but not THIS 49 minutes 😉

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