Wickedly blogging this evening


I just got caught up with the news for today (All the news I need to know anyway) and I noticed an article about Gmail being down today. The article stated that there was some anger directed toward Google for the outage. Really anger? Wow, it’s free email folks get over it….

I’m wondering why people would complain when something was free. I’ve heard complaints and more when the ‘free’ wi-fi is down at the coffee shop. People have complained in the supermarket when the free sample isn’t big enough, or not the right flavor. That free hotdog at the car dealer, comes with its very own car salesman?

I’ve been told that nothing in this life is free. We always have to pay something for it. Free TV, you get a lot of advertisements or in the case of PBS fund drives and commercials (usually between shows). You also get ‘product placement’ in the shows. Was that character really drinking that famous soft drink? Free email — Check the ads attached.

Even then, the price is usually something we consider inconsequential. But some people complain anyway. And you still get exactly what you pay for.

Of course this is a free blog too, unless, of course, there are ads attached… 😉

3 thoughts on “Wickedly blogging this evening”

  1. Yes… PBS… free but run in large part by viewer support without it no Sesame Street. But sometimes those incentives during pledge drives seem awfully nice.

  2. Ah yes… I fielded many a customer complaint about the free bonus item at a previous job I had. Funny how free sometimes brings out the greed in people.

  3. It’s the era of entitlement. I’ve been caught up in it myself unfortunately, as I’m sure several of us have from time to time.

    I remember when TV shows went out of their way to not advertise any products, like pop cans labeled “soda” or beer cans labeled “beer.”

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