Well, that wasn’t the way it was planned.


Second game night last night wasn’t. We had the wrap up from the last game we played and then we would start my little session. Nope, we needed some characters made up, and we were hoping to have a few other people show up. In the end, we sat around and talked a bit (a lot) and made up a couple of new characters. Maybe next week.

Today didn’t turn out as planned either. I had all sorts of things I was going to do, and ended up doing none of them Oh well, it will still be there tomorrow.

I really need to go food shopping tomorrow. I don’t have much left in the kitchen. I can’t get by on chicken or fish with nothing to go with it very long. I need spice, herbs, garlic and onions… Cheese please! Some vegetables. Taters?

Since my youngest went off to college, I don’t shop nearly as much. But then when I do go, I need everything. I just don’t want to have so much on hand it all goes bad before I can use it. Maybe I should shop every other day or so… I’ll have to think about that at least for the fresh stuff.

2 thoughts on “Well, that wasn’t the way it was planned.”

  1. That would be hard to figure out… I used to shop a few times a week, but then I realized that I was actually spending more that way – I’d get to the store and try to stock up on certain items, only to find that I would run out of other items a few days later. Now I go about once a week.
    Good luck with however you decide to do it!

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