I’ve Always Been Crazy, But It’s Kept Me From Going Insane


I had to borrow the title of this blog post from one of my favorite Waylon Jennings tunes because I talk to animals, and some people would say that makes me crazy.  Crazier yet is when the animals talk back to me…

As it is always tremendous fun for me, yesterday’s visit to the zoo did not disappoint.  And while we made our way to the exit near closing time, I was turning over in my head the questions I ask myself and my co-visitors after every zoo trip:  what was your favorite animal that you saw today and why?  I was having a hard time deciding; everything was great, but nothing stood out as being extraordinary…  until my chat with the cheetah.  He was looking directly at me, and I said, “Hi Cheetah!” and he said, “Mew.”  I couldn’t believe it, so I said it again, to which he gave me another, “Mew.”  Now I didn’t realize that cheetahs meow and sound just like your average housecat, but upon much research when I  got home, this is one thing I learned about an animal that never fascinated me as much as others until it talked to me.  From now on, I will always stop by the cheetahs to say “hi” because I think we are now buddies.  I also found a cute little video of cheetahs meowing, much like my new friend at the Toledo Zoo!

3 thoughts on “I’ve Always Been Crazy, But It’s Kept Me From Going Insane”

  1. In all my trips to the various zoos I’ve been to, I’ve only heard the cheetahs a couple times. It is great to have the animals react to things you do. I used to have a red jacket that would get the rattlesnake going whenever I wore it.

    I’ve been told I had the animals react in other ways, but that may be for a blog of my own.

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