Thoughts in the dark


I tend to be up late at night writing these blogs. Recently I’ve been using my little computer light instead of the room light. This gives me just enough light to find the special keys on the keyboard that I don’t have a feel for in touch typing. Working with computers for the past 20+ years has given me some comfort with the keyboard, but I still have to look for keys on occasion.

Anyway what I’m really trying to say is that I write a lot in the dark. With the darkness surrounding me, my thoughts tend to follow a different path. Outside of the little circle of light near the computer the rest of the room is dark. I listen to the sounds of the evening. The dog shifting in his sleep, the frog gently croaking in his tank, his crickets with their serenade until supper time. 😉 Even a daughter shifting in her sleep makes noise from the next room over. Trains can be heard in the distance. I’m sure if I would open a window, the owls would be audible in their late fall hunts.

For the most part I find the dark peaceful. My mind can wander were it wants. Thought of friends, family, ghosts from the past can and do fill my brain. I can think of many wonderful events in the world of science, theater or movies. Books may take up my time, and lesson my words here. This, I think is a way for me to rest. My dream state while being awake. I’ve often wondered how I can get by on so little sleep. I do tend to make up for it on the weekends, but I’m usually around 9:00 or so (believe me that is well past my 6:00am wake up during the week). Even when 2:00 rolls around, I find my self full of thoughts and a busy mind.

Tonight I still have thoughts running in my brain. Thoughts of strange beasts, and burning estates (it was a game people!!!) Thoughts of having fun with friends. Odd little thoughts that I need to work out. All thoughts in the dark.

Thoughts in the dark to lead me in lifel
Thoughts to clear my head and mind.
Thoughts of the here and now
Thoughts of the past and then
Thoughts that may take me to the light.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts in the dark”

  1. The dark is a cool, relaxing, place which often leads to inspiration for me as well. Can be a good sedative at times as well.

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