Hearing Christmas Music On The Radio Two Weeks Before Thanksgiving


That’s right!! This weekend on two different channels broadcast from the same city, they are having a Holiday Music Preview in preparation for their annual 24/7 marathon of merriment which begings the day after turkey and all the way through December 25th.  One of the tunes is one in a long series of parodies to the immortal classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  Entitled “The Twleve Pains of Christmas,’ Bob Rivers and his Chorus (thank you to the digital radio dispplay that lists the title, artist, and year (on occasion) lists the things that most annoy them about the season.  One of the voices is a dead ringer for Archie Bunker who hates hangovers.  While I do love carols, novelty songs, all the best in Christmas melodies, it IS TOO EARLY for them.  I can only imagine the people who listen to the All Christmas Channels All The Time All Year Long (of which there is at least one.  I have also heard some of my favorites already which I had to give listen to.  “Snoopy’s Christmas,”(Snoopy vs. The Red Baron… nothing to do with A Charlie Brown Christmas)  “Hippopatamus For Christmas,” “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”  I will post later about some of my favorite traditional carols down the road.  OK, OK… admittedly, I have not changed my car radio all weekend, but I still do think it is too early.  So, I think my title should be included in a new take on the song.

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