Things that make me go HMMM…


I was scanning the web site for a local paper, and came across a picture of a bunch of school kids releasing balloons into the air. I’m sure they are hoping that some people would find them and send the cards back to the school. This has been an interesting human interest activity for kids. But recently this sort of activity is frowned on because of the problems those pesky balloons can do in the ‘wild’. We’ve all heard stories about various animals eating and choking on the balloons. All well and good, less flights of balloons…. But the thing that made me go HMMM was the fact that the school was celebrating the successful campaign of recycling milk cartons. Hmmm, adding to environment problems after helping the environment…

Second thing that made me go HMMM, is our local paper’s web site. I would love to give you the link for the article I read, but I don’t think it is there anymore. If it is there, you need a subscription to read the full article. Because of this tedious fact, I won’t even give the name of the paper. It looks like with a subscription you can get a full 30 day archive!!! (sarcasm here) Anyway, because of the unfriendly atmosphere, I won’t link to the site. No free advertising from me. It would be in the paper’s best interest to allow access to at least the community announcements. But no, that isn’t happening. Oh well, it isn’t my paper.

And finally an article from CNN. Apparently Pete Rose (the guy banned from Baseball for life) thinks that Alex Rodriguez deserves a hall of fame nod. Since he is banned, why is anyone asking him? I’m sure he thinks he deserves a spot in the Hall too. Not that A-Rod doesn’t, but since he hasn’t been retired for 5 years, isn’t it a bit early to start thinking of that? Hmmm..

Any others?

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  1. I finally remembered to call and get my log in info for the paper’s site. STILL haven’t used it though… I thought maybe if I could read the paper online, I’d get to it more, but so far, nothing doing. I can’t stand getting my paper (actual paper version) delivered at 5 in the evening – that’s right in the beginning of one of the kid crazy times. I often carry those papers around for weeks waiting for a chance to read them!

  2. Since getting a new carrier, we have gotten our paper by 3.30/4.00 and the proximity of the carriers houses to ours is not a factor.

  3. That newspaper is behind the times- don’t they know that paid access for news is passe (or however you spell that word)? Many newspapers have been going the other direction over the last several years, opening once closed archives.

    They do make paper balloons, though I have a feeling this school just used the standard latex ones. Am I correct on this?

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