When Squatters Go Bad…

SQUATTER [skwot-er] – a person who settles on land under government regulation, in order to acquire title.

Well, ok, so the official definition isn’t exactly what I’m talking about.  You may have heard the story that was in the news a month ago about the elderly man who couldn’t get the stranger out of his garage.  If you’re wondering how such a thing could happen in our wonderful country, read for yourself.

Apparently occupancy rights laws suck.  My dear friend is currently going through a situation as well.  I will spare the details, but the reason I’m writing this is because I desperately want to help and I don’t know how.  I find it amazing that there are other such stories in the news right now (click here for another one) – a side effect of the horrible economy, maybe?  It’s not so much the laws that are failing my friend, more likely it’s the fact that she is too nice and generous and doesn’t want to kick people out even if they are taking advantage of her generosity.  I actually haven’t talked to her about it in awhile, so hopefully the situation has improved – here’s hoping!

3 thoughts on “When Squatters Go Bad…”

  1. I’ve always wondered if you can cut off the utilities. Unfortunately, I know there are people out there that wouldn’t care that there was no water or electricity. That would be a pain to clean up when they did leave.

  2. That first story was just crazy. I hope they finally were successful in having those people removed.

    I hope your friend gets things worked out. I’m afraid I can’t be much help either. She should probably at least insist on some sort of payment, in work if need be, in order for them to stay. She is doing Christ’s work by letting them in in the first place, but if they are taking advantage of her it’s time for them to earn their keep.

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