Spring is in the air


I’ve written before about my signs of spring, but since it is spring again, I thought I would take another look at it.

Yes, the frogs are croaking their little hearts out, and the buzzards are finally circling in the skies. I was saying to someone not too long ago, that I hadn’t seen any buzzards and the very next day there were 15 or so circling in the sky. The geese and ducks made it back and find pleasant rest stops in the flooded fields. Farm implements are back on the road again getting ready for spring planting.

I failed to mention a few things last year about spring in NW Ohio. One very popular attraction, that I actually used to take part in, was annual spring walleye run. Anglers from all over the place would line up side by side hoping to catch their limit of walleye during the spring spawning season. The Maumee river between Maumee/Perrysburg and Grand Rapids Ohio was alway the place to go to catch these fish. My brother and I went fishing many times together. I don’t remember catching too many fish during the spawn, but we had fun anyway. I do miss those days. 🙁

The other sure sign of spring is the start of road construction season. I experienced this first hand today on my way to a work meeting. Since I left early in the morning, I just saw the early morning setup. But on the way back the construction was in full swing. I was stopped so long, I was able to chat with the Road sign holder, they were waiting for a load of stone to fill in the big hole they dug (30 minute road closure). Any way, a sure sign of spring is a Rob in a red vest… Oh wait it was orange…. Oops 😉 Sorry, it was a bad pun, but Rob the construction guy gave it to me, so I had to repeat it. He did have a point, his old safety construction vest was about the same color as the Robin’s signature plumage. If they are known as Robin redbreasts, I guess we can let Rob, the construction guy be known as “Rob in a red vest”.

Happy spring….

3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air”

  1. Yes, happy Spring! My favorite season 🙂

    I can say that the drive to the East coast would have been so much nicer if there were leaves on the trees, oh well. I saw my first robin a few weeks ago – that’s always a good sign. A REAL robin, not a Rob in a red vest, hehe.

  2. I am happy to leave winter behind me for another several months. I just wish it would *stay* behind instead of dropping a few inches of wet snow on us last night…

    A thief would be robbin’ a red vest…ed victim. Okay, that one didn’t even qualify high enough to be called bad… 😛

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