Salsa and cheese make almost anything better.


I don’t think I would try it on ice cream. I picked up some cheap chicken strips last week and the first batch I made I was a bit underwhelmed. Today I loaded them up with melted cheese and Hot Salsa. Much better this time.

But really, I didn’t want to talk/write about cooking. Did you ever notice that some things are just better when combined with something else. A warm and sunny day is better than a cold and sunny day. Even though we like the sunny day part, the warmth adds something to it. Add to that a day off and the ability to spend it in the warmth and sun you get something better. Add in some good friends or family. Some fun things to do. You almost have a vacation…

Sometimes adding things doesn’t make it better. Sometimes it is worse. (try the salsa with Ice cream and let me know what you think.)

And there are the times you know what you want to add to something, but it just isn’t available. Things could be better. So much better. You know it would be, but the situation does not allow the addition of that item.

All this is life. We live with what we have. We take the good and the bad. Try to combine things to make it better. Try to tolerate when things don’t go quite right. And hope that we have the combinations that make life better.

5 thoughts on “Salsa and cheese make almost anything better.”

  1. I was in agreement just by reading your title… but then there’s the ice cream part – though who knows what I would have said if I had been asked that during a pregnancy…
    Cheese can make almost anything YUMMY!

  2. Salsa with cheese (con queso). Yum. But agreed, not on ice cream (or most desserts for that matter). I’ll take either of them on their own too. Well, the salsa still requires something like chips, but not necessarily cheese.

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