Ah, The 80’s…


Fellow Tangenteers posted youtube.com videos recently sharing some of their favorite music – that made me think about a country artist from the 80’s I used to enjoy named Sylvia.  She’s come out with recent material, but my favorites of hers were from the early 80’s.  I was able to find a few of her songs and still enjoy her beautiful voice as an adult (however cheesily 80’s some of the lyrics might be), but I’m still looking for the following songs by Sylvia:

So Complete, The Mill Song (Everybody’s Got a Dream), Who’s Kidding Who, Tonight I’m Gettin’ Friendly With The Blues, Gone But Not Forgotten, and Jason.

I was able to find two Sylvia videos on youtube.com –  dig the “super-cool” video and sound effects in Snapshot and the totally 80’s bopping in “Nobody”.  Does anyone else remember Sylvia?  I was thinking Mary might even have a cassette tape I can borrow 😉

Snapshot – 1983:

Nobody – 1982:

6 thoughts on “Ah, The 80’s…”

  1. I found the “Snapshot” video quite disturbing….Not sure if it was the two doo wop boys in the background, the hair, or the fact that it has PSYCHO written all over it…. 😉

    On the other hand, “Nobody” is a classic! I was in 6th grade I believe when that came out and my girlfriends and I thought we were super cool running around the playground giving performances of that song. I still know every word!!!

  2. Her voice seems country, but the instruments and style… Did you just pick the two non-country songs from her. 😉

    I’ll have to admit I’ve never heard of her (or heard either of these songs) before.

  3. @derek – I chose the two songs that were available on youtube.com Because of that, I think these were the two “crossover” hits for Sylvia. Two people who are not fans of classic country have told me that they remember these songs from the 80s. I wish I could find the Sylvia songs I really enjoyed – they were much less cheesy.

  4. I loved Sylvia – has she come back recently? I remember Nobody was what girls would request off the college station when they broke up with boyfriends over cheating!
    I also like Loretta Lynn’s sister Crystal Gail who came out about that time too I think. Still a big fan of John Denver?
    I also still like my Johnny Cash so family(hint, hint) you could get me the last C.D. that just came out for my birthday. That gives you 4 months to save your nickels and dimes!!!!
    Thanks for bringing up memories!

  5. @Carol – Sylvia came out with an album in 2001 followed by a Christmas album in 2002. I am only familiar with her two early 80’s albums – Snapshot and Just Sylvia; I’m not quite sure what her recent sound is like; there were some other albums in the 90’s. As of late, I seem to be reading that she is a life coach.
    I have heard of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle, and I enjoy their music, but I had NO idea they are sisters!! Thanks for sharing!

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