Oranges and Juice


Well today I’m not sure if I’m suffering just allergy symptoms or I have caught a summer cold.  It has been a year since my last allergy symptoms, but you would think that after years of having them, I could remember exactly what they were.

But today I have a slight fever and sore throat.  Yes, the sore throught could be the result of the allergies, but I don’t ever remember the fever.  This could be the result of lack of sleep last night, even when I was ‘sleeping’, my rest was not very restfull.  Full blown Sinus headache this morning…  Oh well, such is Sept in Ohio for me.

I have been drinking a lot of Orange Juice and had an orange today.  Both seemed to feel really good going down.  I’m not sure if the vitamin C is helping, but the taste of orange hit the spot today.

While eating my orange at lunch, I remembered that there is no English word that rhymes with orange.  Then I got to thinking if there were any other such words.  I recall that purple has very few rhymes, and they are words from the British Ilses.   So Purple has no American English rhyming word.  Then there are the words Silver and Month.  I found those in an internet search.  If you can find or think of more words or find a word that rhymes with any of the above, my curious nature would be sated.

Three colors in this post, but the post color is still orange….  3 more to go for the box of eight.

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  1. So you need Orange, Purple… I don’t remember a Silver in the giant size crayon crayon box. You are correct sire… there is not a single word in the English language that rhymes with orange.

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