In The Arms Of The Angels


Gloomy days always get me down (unless there is a great thunderstorm raging outside… I LOVE a good thunderboomer). However, today is a not such good day. Today, on the 7th anniversary that she began her great Troop Care Package campaign, Emily Curtis (Ma 2) passed away. It just amazed me how much she and one other lady from a very small town in our little corner of the country could spear-head such a massive undertaking; not at all surprised but just amazed. Right after the tragedy of 9/11/01, Emily began getting the word to everyone to start saving necessities to be shipped overseas to Iraq, and other places where troops were stationed. Drop off locations were set up at churches, schools, KMart (yes… my former place of employment did not allow a barrel to be placed in their vestibule). She traveled around the state as far south as Cincinnati. In chatting with Emily about the campaign, she said that some people went beyond the toilet paper, toothpaste, tube socks, etc and donated things like game boys, DVDs, phone cards, and other nonessentials. including 250 huge bags of DumDum Pops. The soldiers were so grateful to the program that letters have been sent by hundreds of the troops in gratitude. Emily even went to a hospital in Germany to see first-hand the wounded who arrived there from battle. You can read about her week-long Germany experiences here. 4 TONS of items have been shipped over. Now Operation Support Our Troops has a real angel watching over them. It may not be the most popular area for U.S. involvement, but Emily has always been a strong supporter of our military (her son is a West Point graduate). Just talking about all the wonderful things she has done helps immensely. My heartfelt prayers and love go out to Paul, Amanda, Jonathan, and the entire family.

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