Ok, I thought you were pulling my leg


Last night somebody mentioned something about guys wearing pantyhose. Well, being me, I thought they were talking about Mel Brook’s Men in Tights. Little did I know that it is a new fashion statement for men.

Sometimes enough is enough. Most guys, myself included, have no fashion sense at all. Now people are trying to throw in another accessory for men to wear? I can see it now…. When do we wear our pantyhose? What color is best for my outfit or legs???? I don’t see that happening in NW Ohio anytime soon.

I’ll stick to my kilt thank you very much…..

Yes, this is a picture of me in a kilt on the occasion of my eldest daughter’s wedding. It was a wonderful affair, but that kilt was extremely warm on that 80+ degree May day.
The things that fathers will do for their daughters…., but I draw the line at pantyhose…

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