Be carefull out there.


I’m not one to drink to excess very often, but when I do, I try to make sure I am in secure surroundings. I am one of those who will make sure I have a designated driver, or a place to stay if I will be having more than 1 drink. Even then, I have the drink finished early. It has been more than a few years since I’ve been intoxicated.

Now I come to the point. Seems like a bunch of kids in England found themselves someplace that wasn’t so secure, and they were too drunk to be rescued. I wonder how that story would have been reported here in the states. Would the rescuers have had that option? My guess is that the story would have been reported that “the conditions were just too hazardous to make further rescue attempts”. I don’t think much would have been made about the condition of the teenagers. Too many times have the rescuers been sued in cases just like this.

I really think it may have done those kids a lot of good sitting on a ledge waiting until morning to be taken out. But should someone be billed for the expense of the rescue? I didn’t see anything in the story about this, but I have heard that is happening more often. The rescued party is sometimes charged with the cost of the rescue operation. Hmm, going to have to find a link for that…

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