9 thoughts on “My strange sense of humor strikes again”

  1. Nice parody of The Neverending Story theme. Hilarious demo. Yep, I can see why the Star Wars fan would be intrigued. hahahah!

  2. Ah, mixing household chemicals… always a good idea 😉
    What makes me think you’ve tried this, justj?
    And yes, I’ve noticed your strange sense of humor before…
    This is interesting… I just want to know what this stuff is going to do to this guy’s plumbing?

  3. Just wondering, did you click the first link? Everybody got the chemicals…. I plead the 5th on if I tried this or not….

  4. To whom are you referring. I clicked on the first link. I didn’t see anything remotely Star Wars-ish about the Neverending Foam Snake 😉

  5. So, if I get some plaster of paris, and a baby doll, and some spray paint, do you think the Star Wars sister would be amused?

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