More Than A Christmas Novelty


A few posts ago, I was pondering the popularity of the extremely cool acapella group  Straight No Chaser and came across a website full of information, song samples, and discography.  I also discovered that a new song-filled recording is about to drop.  And quite remarkably this little group was organized on a college campus just to our west.

Check out this video that brings back great memories of performing with America’s Finest Singing Machine!  Just don’t ask me if it is better performed by a chorus of 80 or a small ensemble… just a bit biased.

8 thoughts on “More Than A Christmas Novelty”

  1. Why that song? Someday I may explain that comment. I still like the group. When do we get to see a tape/video of your singing group oh biased one?

  2. If there is a video out there it is beyond me. I do have a few CD recordings, one which has the song which I posted of SNC. If asked I could bring it on a future game night. If not, c’est la vie. There is an assortment of other videos of SNC via youtube. The song was one of my favorites with the BGMC along with “Please, Mr. Columbus” and several others.

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