Strange isn’t it, melancholy is such a lovely sounding word for pensive moods or depression. A good word for any vocabulary. This feeling of melancholy is not such a lovely feeling. The early Anglo-French word originally meant ‘Black Bile’. This is from a ‘humor’ secreted by the spleen or kidneys that control or influenced our emotions.

For various reasons, that feeling of melancholy is upon me today. More a pensive state than anything else. I’m in a position with no solution. Being a guy, I have the innate desire to ‘fix’ things. Somethings just can’t be ‘fixed’. So the feeling of melancholy on me.

I guess that is life.

6 thoughts on “melancholy”

  1. Feeling melancholy is no fun. No fun at all. So utilize the resources that friends provide for problems – people to talk to, brains to pick for solutions, pep talks, distractions from the problems to cheer you up, etc.
    Don’t hesitate to ask…

  2. Ditto… Melancholy is NO FUN at all. Indeed, the best way for me to get lifted out of the “Black Bile” is to use the things you like best around you.

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