March is here, and I’m starting to think


It is about time to start looking for the signs of spring in the area. I will have to keep an eye out for the early spring flowers. Some of the bulbs my wife planted years ago are due up as soon as the ground gets a little warm. I’m not sure what they all are, but there are some that will bloom when there is still snow on the ground. A little frost is nothing to these very hearty flowers. Then of course there are the crocuses, daffodils, tulips. Spring wild flowers and others.

By mid March we should start to see the return of the Buzzards. There should be a robin or two soon. Of course the early spring peepers (frogs) when the ice melts off the ponds and creeks. Will we see a Maple Syrup Festival in our little town this year? What about returning ducks landing in the flooded fields? Spring is just around the corner and I am waiting.

Other memories fill my head. Longer days, earlier sunrises are things that make me think of spring. I’ll let you know when I see my first sign of spring.

5 thoughts on “March is here, and I’m starting to think”

  1. When you say “buzzard” I think “vulture”, but I just looked up the word and apparently the word is used for any number of birds, and derogatorily toward any bird-of-prey pest. That would be my new fact for today, thanks!

  2. I always forget that the large circling birds (whatever they are officially) leave for the winter. I love when I see that first robin. I wish the leaves on the trees came back earlier, but I’m always waiting until May for that to happen. I wish I had a gardener to plant me flowers and vegetables – that’s not really a hobby I’d like to take up myself, too lazy and busy with kids. But I love spring flowers!

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