Also a fan of Steampunk….


Yesterday’s post on my foil steamed food made me think of other things with steam. I would guess I’m a fan of Steampunk. From reading Verne and Wells as a child, to watching Wild Wild West when it was on TV, I was always interested in ‘Advanced technology’ in a steam/Victorian setting. I enjoyed the Wild Wild West Movie and League of Extraordinary Gentleman for the same reasons. The old time setting with ‘advanced’ technology.

One of my favorite comics is Girl Genius, and that is Steampunk through and through. And I really would like this computer. If I could work with brass (time/inclination), maybe I could make my own.

6 thoughts on “Also a fan of Steampunk….”

  1. I have never the term “steampunk” before. I had to look it up on Wikipedia- I didn’t realize there was an entire genre of sci-fi set in an older time period. I did see Wild Wild West with Will Smith and enjoyed it, so maybe I would enjoy this. Same with a recent version of HG Well’s “The Time Machine”

  2. Link didn’t work for me either. I’m glad Derek provided more info as I was left bewildered by “steampunk”. I had heard Wild Wild West was supposed to be a terrible movie, but I forgot why… I haven’t seen it though.

  3. I like the Wild Wild West tv show… not crazy about the Will Smith feature. But I thought the premise of the series was great. Bond on a train during the Grant administration, correct?

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