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When everyone is asleep, I feel the need to be awake. I really need to get more sleep, I do have to get to work early tomorrow. This has been my method of living for years and years. I tend to stay awake when I should be sleeping.

For the past four years, I’ve been blaming it on the fact that I am a widower. While I admit, that sleeping alone after 20 years of sleeping with someone takes getting used to, (not sure I’m used to it yet), I’ve had this problem most of my adult life. In fact, I would read well into the early morning with my dear wife sleeping next to me. I sure am glad she could sleep with my reading light on. Now I just live with this normal insomnia. I imagine I could get some sleep aids from my doctor, but I really don’t like taking medication. I’ve read where not sleeping can cause all sorts of health problems, so maybe I should look into it.

For me the night is the time my mind is in full motion, I need to read, write and just think of things. The silence of the house seems to push my thoughts faster and faster. I may have to use this time to do something other than read fiction, and type out blogs. It would be nice to get more benefit than just getting a few more trivial pieces of information.

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  1. I just read that Valerian (no, not Valium…) can help with sleep, 400-600mg 45 min before bedtime. I’m going to give it a try. Same article also mentioned melatonin supplements (3mg) as our bodies slow production of this down as we age.

  2. Take a small saucepan, put it on low-medium heat. Put in 2 cups milk, 1 Tblsp butter, and sugar and vanilla to taste. (Experiment. Throw in cinnamon, or nutmeg, or whatever sounds good.) Gradually heat mixture, stirring constantly. When it reaches a temperature just slightly too warm for the inside of your wrist, pour the whole thing in a big mug and go sip it tucked into bed with a (dog, cat, small child, collection of stuffed animals, significant other, no-longer-quite-so-small-child, good movie, book, etc.) You get the picture.
    -Courtesy of your daughter’s typing and your son(-in-law)’s cooking.

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