It has been a long time.


I guess it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here. I guess I’ve been a bit lax at keeping up anything resembling a blog. Life has been a bit busy recently.

Life seems to get in the way of my random thinking. I guess that right now my original purpose for writing this blog has not been needed. My mind doesn’t seem to require a weekly emptying. So I guess I will be taking this blog in a new direction. As soon as I figure out exactly what that direction is, I will continue to blog.

I will keep you posted…

5 thoughts on “It has been a long time.”

  1. Looong time indeed. So good to hear from you. I like how you took the time to just write us a little update so we know what’s been going on with you and why you haven’t blogged. I too had to change the style and frequency of my blogging. Hope to read from you again soon!

  2. Hey, welcome back. I’ll have to see if the time between your posts matches the time between mine a bit ago- something like 2-3 months? 😉

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