Putting It All Together

Well… with just a little over three weeks to go, I FINALLY tracked down a capable accompanist who is not going to bail on me.  This morning, we met at the studio and it sounded great (even if my accompanist was doing little more than sight reading).  While K did a fine job of playing for me, it allowed very little time for her to focus on what I was doing and what to critique.  Happily, she had very little to comment on except for a few spots I KNEW could have been better.  Usually the first time hearing the full accompaniment for a piece (rather long… let me see… 11), makes me a bit apprehensive especially when I’m not sure of the pianist’s ability.  But as I have been taught over and over the best ones will follow you and BOY did he ever!  I think the addition of the full accompaniment only enhanced many of the pieces.  I can’t wait to hear what the final product will produce!

“Songs I Have Learned” is going to be bookended by two (what I feel are) more inspirational pieces.  A bunch of fun character-driven tunes (my favorite kinds) and some emotional ballads will comprise the remainder of the set that will be divided into two.  Each of the songs hold a special place in my heart a lot of which I will share.

Yesterday at work, I was approached by a customer who had just come from the theatre’s revival of Escanaba in da Moonlight.  She had heard in the intro to the show that I would be presenting a show on March 16th.  I definitely will need to attend Saturday night’s show (an extended night) to see if this was so… not that I had not planned to see it before, just haven’t found an open date on my calendar.  I was asked if I would be interesting in performing at a special ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of Clem (the Civil War statue that was injured a few years ago in the “microburst” that destroyed our village hall).  The service is scheduled for Memorial Day following the ceremony at the cemetery.  I said I would be happy to and to keep me informed of the details.

Speaking of hometown events, the Boys’ High School Basketball team has completed its regular season.  A PERFECT 20-0 record!!! The first time in school history!  I have not been to a game in many seasons and I do kind of miss them.  Perhaps, I will be able to make one of the games on the tournament trail.  We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Putting It All Together”

  1. Do you have someone set up to video this show? With all the sickness, etc going around our house, that might be the only way to see it. I realized today that so many weeks have passed where I have to make decisions about which plans to miss and cancel – it’s been too long for this poor little baby to be sick; we’re going back to the dr today, please pray for some anwers for poor little Luke!

  2. Actually, in 1985, the Edgerton Girl’s Basketball team completed their regular season with an undefeated record. So, for Edgerton, this is the second time in history. The girl’s did it first almost 30 years ago.

  3. Hmmm…. Hadn’t thought about video. Guess I have a few weeks to think about that. I’ve said that this winter (such as it is) has wrecked havoc with people’s health. Poor Luke. I know another little guy my sister watches who has been ill a couple times this season.

    Guess no one thought of other sports when I asked.

  4. A video will be the only way I can see it for sure. If you don’t want to post it publicly, then I’m sure I can watch Taylhis’s copy at some point.

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