If I told you…


Today I heard a news story that I knew I wanted to blog about, but when I got ready to blog I couldn’t remember what the story was about. Then when having a conversation about my job, I remembered what it was. The Government just released the name of people who worked for the OSS. And on that list was none other than Julia Childs. I remember seeing her on TV playing with roasting chickens. Her show The French Chef was on PBS from 1962 to 1987 (last new show in 1971). I would never have thought of her as a spy for the U.S. government. But now we know.

I imagine if Julia Childs could be a spy, then that would leave the door open to almost anyone. What better cover than a cook. I’m not sure she was a cook when she was in the OSS. Oh well why spoil a fanciful story.

From various news stories on the web, I was able to find that the son of a former President, a baseball player, future Supreme Court Justice were also members of the OSS. This strikes my fancy.

Oh, and as for my employment, well if I told you….

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  1. I cracked up when I saw the article on the front page. Maybe one day the Swedish Chef will be uncovered 😀 I’m sure he was inspired by the culinary artist.

  2. And don’t forget the father of the drummer for The Police.
    An interesting thing about Julia Child – I read awhile ago that she didn’t even start cooking until she was 32 or something like that. Maybe the OSS made her become a cook so that she had a good cover, and it turned out to be her forte.

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