Happy Birthday To The King


I was not entirely sure on which blog I should post this entry.  It seems like a retail horror story to me; however, it did not involve me and it concerned a wanna be singer so I guess it fits this site more (although the  genius in question could certainly have fit right in on the Blog for Genius’ site).  It seems that a young man by the name of Timothy Tackett WAS employed at a Burger King restaurant in Xenia, Ohio.  For a birthday prank (on his own birthday), he decided to take a bath in the facility’s industrial size sink and post it on his MySpace site.  Any GENIUS would realize that he probably would not be doing himself any favors by doing this.  Not only  did he get himself in trouble but the manager in charge of the shift and at least one other employee are no longer working at that particular establishment.  One can see where the young man picked up the nickname “Unstable.”  One has to wonder what other pranks he has pulled.  The worst I ever had happen while working on my birthday is being serenaded by a strange fellow from Listhwathistan over the intercom which was not a bad thing at all.

Burger King Does Not Want Its Employees To Take Baths

I’m not entirely sure if this will help the young man in his singing career but it is reported that his MySpace account has seen a large amount of visits since the incident occurred.  Good luck Mr. Unstable.

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